Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mr. Modesty

So I got a call at work today from Randy. It went like this....
Randy: So, we have to remember to put Super Z's name tag on him when he goes to school.
Serina: Oh no! We forgot. Did he get in trouble?
Randy: Uh, I don't know.
Serina: Well, did somebody say something to you about it?
Randy: Yeah, a lady came out and said that he needs to keep wearing it.
Serina: Was it a big deal?
Randy: What?
Serina: Was she upset about it?
Randy: How am I supposed to know?
Serina: Gracious Randy. Was she smiling or frowning?
Randy: That doesn't mean anything. All women smile at me. They can't help it.
Serina: *snort* Oh, really?
He really needs to work on his self esteem issues, I think.


CableGirl said...

lol. Self esteem issues to be sure. lol

Blue Momma said...

hehe Sounds like something my hubby would say!

Seriously though, they probably do. I know we have a couple of stay at home Dads who drop their kids off at Punkin's MDO and I always grin at them from ear to ear. Its so not what you usually see.

I really want to get their take on the whole stay at home business, but don't want to look like a stalker or like I'm hitting on them!

Hubby offered to stay at home, since my income was greater than his. I reminded him that Punkin' would turn into a South Park watching, vidoe game playing, nut scratching retard if left with him for too long and he let it drop.

I'm sweet, aren't I?

Dana said...

Maybe you should plead with the internets to send him some uplifting e-mail to boost his self confidence.

boogiemum said...

Sounds like a similar talk with my hubby. Guys crack me up. They just have no idea...

Oh, The Joys said...

Heh. Nice one. You might have to get him to enter one of those beefcake contests at Crank Mama.