Monday, August 13, 2007

You Can't Stop A Train

My husband is ruled in every way by a complete lack of patience. Once he decides that he wants to do something he is all over it. I mean literally 20 seconds after he gets the idea he is chewing at the bit to put it into action. There is no conversation, no sharing of ideas, no time to think. You might as well try to stop a train as slow down Randy with a bee in his bonnet. He informs me of the idea, gives me three point seven seconds to consider the idea, then becomes frustrated if I don't immediately accept the idea. He then accuses me of being afraid of change.

Let me tell you how not afraid of change I am:

I made the decision to leave a not so stable job, my family, and the house that I loved and move two hours away to a better paying job and no house in two days. Two days. And yes, Mr. Impatience was there encouraging me, but that is beside the point. I made that rather important decision rather quickly. I did not balk at change. It retrospect I call that decision impulsive, fortunately I think I made the right decision.

When he called me at work when Princess H was 8 weeks old and suggested that it might be we might be better off financially (and I would certainly be better off emotionally) if he stayed home with the kids for a while, I took two whole days to think about it and go over the numbers. Two whole days to decide that we would change the whole way our family operates. Again it was a good decision, but definitely a testament to the fact that I am not afraid of change.

So last night he came up with the idea of painting out kitchen table and chairs. I was not totally opposed to the idea, I had actually spent a little time today mulling over the colors. But when I walked in the door Randy was ready to go buy primer and paint. I admit it, I balked, simply saying, "Let's think about the options, Randy. We don't have to do anything today."

I was then accused of being afraid of change, looked at like I was ruining his life, and made to know in several ways that my stance was unacceptable.

So now three hours later, this is how worried he is about my fears....


Your Faithful Reader said...

What color is that chair? Hmmmmm.

Serina Hope said...

That my friend is leafy green. Today he is attempting a lighter shade of green. I'll let you know how it turns out...