Thursday, August 23, 2007


After the adventure that was last night, what with the poop in the carpet and all, today has been relatively calm. Relatively calm at my house means that Princess H is still crying and stripping off all of her clothes every three minutes. This is a kind of protest that she does when she wants us to let her out of bed. She is very vocal about her demands. She may grow up to be an activist for the No Sleep Campaign of America. Relatively calm also means that Super Z has been out of bed 3 times in the last hour to tell me that his butt hurts. It hurts because the mattress is too hard. Apparently the 39 pounds of his body weight pressing against a measly eight inches of cushioney softness is enough to cause bed sores..after five minutes. His angle has always been creativity (deceit).
But other than the screaming and the whining, things are very calm and quiet around here. Oh, except for the T.V. blasting, because apparently my husband has a disorder which makes it impossible to for him to understand the words that are coming out of the television unless the volume is turned ALL THE WAY UP. Oh and the new squealing sound that my washer has decided to make ( I am trying to make that issue dissapear by not acknowledging it )...yeah, except for that I am perfectly relaxed.


Kimberly said...

Mmm...positively dripping with sarcasm, that was. Lovely!

I'd be considering mutiny if I was you.

Taj said...

Mine suffers from the same disorder. Therapy includes long sessions with up down arrows and a intense 1on1 with the mute button.

My kid is out of the fetish stripper phase. Butt she has now joined the militant ranks of Ladies United in Farts.

Glad to read that your relaxed though! I found hiding in a corner repeating, why why why works too. ;)

Amanda said...

I suppose I should enjoy the fact that we're walking around on tiptoes and speak in whispers at the moment so that we won't wake the baby.

beta mom said...

It sounds like there's never a dull moment! Think of it as Disney World and start charging people $70 to walk through your door.