Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Son, the Tornado

We went to parent orientation tonight for Super Z's school. I got pretty good vibes about everything. His teacher is Mrs. Lee. She is probably about 50. She looks like she has handled quite a lot of kids in her time, but I couldn't help but wonder, " Can she handle Super Prime at full speed?"
After her little speech about rules ( good gracious, is she delusional?) and such, she took a moment to talk with each parent. I felt that it was my civic duty to warn her about Super Z.
"My son talks a lot.," I stated simply.
She smiled ( ahh, so innocent ) and nodded.
I said it again, " I mean he really talks a lot."
Again I got the nod.
I felt the need to make her understand, " I mean he never stops talking...ever. I am not sure if he can. Every thought comes out of his mouth. Every one. He may fool you the first day, because he may be shy. But once he loosens up...please let me know if he is disturbing class. I will do everything that I can to get him to be quiet for you."
By this time Mrs. Lee either understood the seriousness of my son's talking problem or she decided that I was a lunatic. She reassured me that she would let me know if there was a problem ( Dear Lord, Please don't let there be a problem.)
As I walked away I had the feeling that I should have told her more, prepared her a bit more for the wild monkey boy that is Super Z. I mean it isn't just the talking, the child should have come with instructions and warnings I think. He is pure energy unbound. But I guess I will trust that he will be nothing new to her. Maybe she will know the magic tricks to use to get him to sit and listen and not touch everything in the room. Maybe she will know the words to say that will make him do what he is told, instead of debating about it for two hours. And as the door closed behind me, I realized that there is nothing I could tell her to prepare her anyway. You can't explain what a tornado is like to someone who has never experienced one. You can try. But they will never truly understand the fright, confusion, and mind numbing wind unless they feel it for themselves. Tuesday Mrs. Lee will meet the tornado.


Becky said...

Mrs Lee can probably handle it. Ethan is loving his school. He got to be the leader yesterday, and I think he still has all of his bees in his beehive. So, we're excited. We had a parent teacher thing last night and I asked her if E was turning into super heroes and she said not yet so I'm glad about that. His daddy told him to wait til he got home to turn into one and apparently that has worked so far.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Mrs Lee sounds like a seasoned teacher who can handle things well.

Amanda said...

I'll definitely keep reading your blog to find out how Mrs Lee handles Super Z. I need the tips because my son is not yet talking but he is a non-stop babbler and mover. He is NEVER still. I wonder if all boys are like that.

Special K ~Toni said...

He will probably be a total angel for her- they always are!