Friday, August 3, 2007

The Nice Toilet

Oh this is great. Today Randy brought Super Z and Princess H up to work to visit for a bit. He had taken Ty and his friend to the skate park and had a little time to kill. After making the rounds and letting everyone ooh and ahh over my babies, we headed out. Super Z had to use the restroom, so I took him into the ladies room. Super Z says like the big boy that he is, " Mom, please stay here. I need privacy." So of course I nodded seriously and waited right outside the stall, close enough so that he could see my feet under the door. Sometimes he panics if the feet wander out of sight. So he is in there doing his business and the conversation after that point goes like this:
Super Z - " Wow Mom! This is a nice toilet! I love this button for flushing."
Me - " I am glad you like it."
Super Z - " I have never seen a toilet this nice! Did you make it when you got your new office?"
Me - " Did I make the toilet?"
Super Z - " Yeah, at your job. Did you make it? It has a cool button."
Me - "No, I didn't make the toilet."
Super Z - " Well come in and see, Mom. It is very nice."
I cracked up every time I thought of it for the rest of the day. I love when they visit. It brightens the whole office.

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Blue Momma said...

He was really impressed with that toilet and still thought his mom made it. Now that's giving you a lot of credit and telling you how much he thinks you are capable of! Go MOM!