Thursday, August 2, 2007

Family Pictures

We went and had our annual family pictures taken this evening. It is better than it sounds, because the photographer is my cousin, Rae. So basically it was really relaxed and fun. We were outside, so there are plenty of shots of super Z rolling in the grass acting like a goon Once she is done with them I will share some with you. They are really going to be great. My whole family is gorgeous. Ty-Ty (my thirteen year old stepson), Super Z, and Princess H are all splendidly photogenic. You just can't get a bad picture of them at all. Even Randy is handsome. He is growing a beard now, so I don't know how that will come across in the pictures, but I am sure he will look great in them all. The only bad spot in any of the pictures was me. Really. I mean I am pretty photogenic, but you get me from the wrong angle and whoa Nelly! The biggest problem is that even though I have lost almost 40 pounds in the last 3 months, I still have more than a hundred to go. I look at the pictures and I am like, " WHAT!? AND I HAVE LOST WEIGHT? WHAT!!?" Yeah, I get pretty dramatic. But there are some good ones with me in them, rest easy. The whole point was a family picture, right?

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Blue Momma said...

OMG! I take the worst pictures ever. I guess I'm ok in person, no raving beauty, but ok. But in photos? Puh-lease. Somebody just shoot me. And that's not even taking the fat part into account!