Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Talking Gene

We spent last night at my Dad's house and this morning Randy and Super Z have ventured out into the heat with Papa Joe. My Dad is putting a pool in his backyard and apparently there are a lot of things to be done before we can swim in it. I am not interested in those things, I only care about the swimming part. So while they are off gallivanting, I am enjoying his new laptop and hanging out with Princess H.
If I had to sum up my kids in one word, that word would be talkative. This little girl has not stopped talking for the past two hours. She will be two in October, so her vocabulary isn't that extensive, but she uses the words at her disposal to the best of her ability.
"Give me a bite.," in Princess H speak becomes, " Gimmee a bite. Gimmee a bite.Gimmee a bite.Gimmee a bite.Gimmee a bite.Gimmee a bite." The thing has not been said if she hasn't said it five times as fast as she can. It is really funny.
She actually has stopped talking a few times, that was an exaggeration. But it seems like overnight she has so much to say. It is lovely to see. If she tends to overdo it a bit, it is probably just the effect of growing up with Super Z.
Super Z probably talks more than anyone I have ever met...really. I am actually a bit worried about how he will handle school, because if I try to get him to be quiet for even two minutes he will literally start bawling and saying, "Mom, I have to talk."
I believe that it may be painful for him to hold words in his head. Basically since he was ten months old he has been blessing us with a continuous stream of consciousness evaluation of his life. A snippet would be something like this, " Mom, talk to me. Do you like motorcycles? I like motorcycles. Little Zane (his imaginary friend) has a motorcycle. Did you know that Papa had an orange tractor? Can I have a banana for supper? When is supper? Are we going to Mimi's? I love to ride my bike. I can ride my bike without training wheels. Hey Mom, why do you go to work? To make money? Can I get a transformer? Dad took my brother and me to see Transformers."
It never stops. Never. He even talks to himself in his sleep. If others are talking he will either keep going or interject random sentences as he can.
Do you think this is odd? He will be five in December. I used to think that he would outgrow this. No sign of that is in sight. Super Z's talking is the reason that Randy thinks he deserves a medal for staying home with my kids.
And now you can add in the Princess H speak to the equation, so maybe he does deserve a medal... or at least a big hug for marrying me, the talker, who scarred his children with this affliction.


Amanda said...

The talking children sound like fun. I can't wait till my son talks. All I hear now is 'Ba' for Ball, 'Ba' for Baby, 'Ba' for Bread......its like his favourite sound at the moment.

Becky said...

I would probably go insane. Ethan talks. Not constantly but talks. Especially in the morning. I don't like to talk in the morning. At all. Nothing. Riding to town I want silence. I don't even sing with the radio. I don't like morning radio shows cause they talk. I would go insane.