Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gosh That Seems Evil Two Hours Later

Just a disclaimer. If I came across as evil down there I am sorry. I had a bad day. I love many things too. I will do that one for ya'll next week. But three for now, just to cancel out some of that negative energy that I was throwing around. Woah. 1) I love the way my children smell when they get out of the tub. 2) I love the feeling of cool sheets. 3) I love it when you can really talk to someone and they just get you 100%. There, I feel better now. :)


Amanda said...

I've had a bit of an up and down day. Ended on the down so lets see if I can make myself feel better with some positives. 1) I love going to sleep when the smell of a good dinner is somehow lingering in my room. 2) I love going to the park with my almost walking son. 3) I love family reunions. Can't wait for mid october when we have one.

Jackie said...

No need to apologize!! We all have bad days!

Your cousin said...

I don't know....this post didn't seem as sincere as the post below it.


But, in the spirit. I love getting in the bed on clean sheets. And that's only good one day. The next day they are no longer clean sheets.

Also I love a good thunderstorm. Especially in this heat. Where it cools off and is windy.

I love my boys' smiles. Somehow, even an evil mood becomes ok when I see one of them smile. (Tragically, the older one has learned to work this to his advantage.)

Also I love my cousin. Who while generally is mild mannered and crazy occasionally comes unglued and is crazy angry. She's funny.

Oh, The Joys said...

The gift of time, eh? It takes the edge off.