Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Departure of Ty

Ty spends the summer, random weekends, and most holidays with us. He lives about 4 hours away now, but for the past 4 years he has lived in Kansas, Texas, and Georgia; so I would say that Alabama, which is only one state over, is a big improvement. We should be able to see him much more often. But that doesn't make the departure any easier. Randy is taking him home Sunday. This is a very sad time for us. When Ty leaves the house seems empty, Randy goes into the deep throes of sadness, and Super Z cries randomly for weeks. It is bad every year. This year will probably be even worse. Princess H has grown very fond of her oldest brother. He is the coolest person that she has ever known, I think. He is big enough to take her for a walk, but he is also very fond of dirt and playing cars. She follows him around constantly. He is much more patient with her than Super Z. He talks to her a lot. It has actually been one of the best parts of my summer, watching Princess H fall in love with Ty. I just hope that it isn't too hard on her when he is gone. I hope it isn't too hard on him either. I really don't think that she is the only one who has gotten attached.

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becky said...

That is so sad. Now I am sad.