Saturday, August 4, 2007

The first 40 Pounds is Gone is a really cool sight that takes the amount of weight that you have lost or that you still have to lose and it breaks it down to show you how much it really is. I decided to go with what I have lost already, since the other number is so much higher. I have lost 40 pounds and I have exactly one hundred and thirty pounds left to lose. Those numbers used to make me really sad and hopeless. " Man, that will take forever. I can't do it." But in May I got off of the hopeless train. I am doing everything I can and I am not going to stop. This is not a diet it is a life change. This is Serina being brave and bold and saving her own life...finally. So, here it is, I have lost a four year old boy, who happens to be four pounds bigger than my son.

40 pounds is the average weight of a 4-year old boy.

How Much Fuel Is That?
To lose that amount of fat would mean to burn 140,000 calories or 585,760 KiloJoules! That is the equivalent of 4.53 gallons of gasoline. Humans, however, are far more efficient than cars, getting about 912 "miles to the gallon". If you could dump this many calories into the tank of a Honda Civic, you would be able to drive it about 154 miles before running out of gas!

Let's see how your goal would convert to other forms of fuel.
140,000 calories is equivalent to:
4.53 gallons of gasoline, or
50.04 pounds of coal, or
69.44 pounds of oven-dried wood, or
6.13 gallons of propane
This amount of energy would ...
Brew about 391 pots of coffee, or
Light a 60-watt light bulb for 2,712 hours ( 113 days = 0.33 years)
Cutting 140,000 calories is the same as saying "no" to:
1,750 apples, or
1,400 bananas, or
8,235 cups of cabbage (whew!), or
966 baked potatoes, or
1,750 large eggs, or
1,167 cups of 2% milk, or
101 pounds of ground beef, or
1,609 glasses of wine, or
433 Snickers bars, or
583 Clif Bars ( 778 Luna Bars), or
1,007 cans of Coke, or
824 pints of Guinness beer, or
285 Big Macs, or
272 Quarter Pounders with Cheese, or
200 Whoppers, or
424 Subway 6" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sandwiches, or
824 Taco Bell crunchy tacos, or
596 slices of pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut

What it Takes to Burn 140,000 Calories
To burn 140,000 calories, a 190 pound male would have to:
Backpack for 232 hours (10 days) nonstop, or
Walk for 536 hours (22 days) at 3 mph straight, or
Walk 1,609 miles (1,006 kilometers), or
Bike for 406 hours (17 days) at 10 mph, or
Bike 4,058 miles (2,536 kilometers), or
Play basketball nonstop for 223 hours 9 days), or
Play billiards for 648 hours (27 days), or
Go bowling for 541 hours (23 days), or
Stay on the golf course for 406 hours (17 days), or
Spend 180 hours (8 days) playing competitive football, or
Jump rope for 171 hours (7 days) straight!

You would have to walk the length of England about 2.73 times to burn 140,000 calories.


k8 said...


cool website though

Becky said...


I'm glad you're doing good. I find cutting out sugar is similar to slitting my wrists. I just can't seem to do it.

I've been trying to lose some too, and I've lost about ten but I want to lose 40 more. So you're description of me having to walk back and forth across England to get it done is making me sad.

I got kind of hung up reading all of the Harry Potter books and fell off the diet and exercise band wagon and then couldn't get back on but today the train is rolling out again and Becky is on it.

Much love from me to you.

Blue Momma said...

Ok, this makes 60 pounds sound even more impressive. I'm gonna have to go visit this site. It will tell me I need to walk to the moon or something!