Sunday, January 29, 2012

Busy Time

I feel like we have an awfully lot going on right now. I mean, I usually feel like that these years, but when I got the text message tonight that rec soccer practice starts tomorrow night I had me a little micro panic attack. Don't get me wrong, I love that we have full busy lives. I want my kids to be involved. I want to get my Masters Degree. I want to excursive on a daily basis. I want to have birthday parties and go out and about. I guess sometimes I just worry that when I look back on this time in our lives it is all going to be a big blur. My plan to battle the blur is to make a few rules and stick to them. These are rules to ensure a little family togetherness in this time of crazy busy. Rules #1 All meals eaten in the house will involve all members of the family sitting down at the table together to eat. #2 My homework time will start at 9PM and last until 10:30 PM on week nights. Only things not completed in that time will be done on weekends. #3 I will walk during all sports practices. Two birds one stone...less time. #4 We will take at least one family outing to the park each week. #5 We will read a book as a family every night for the 15-20 minutes before bed. Super Z wants to start with The Hobbit.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Through the Eyes Of Stoosh I saw this challenge on a new friends blog. You are supposed to write a short article from the perspective of an object. What you see below is from the point of view of the best pillow ever, Stoosh.

I have to be honest. By the time she came along I had spent years in the top of that guest closet. I had pretty much decided that I was at the end of my road. I had begun to forget my previous life. That small closet and the comfort of the hand made quilts that surrounded me were all I knew. I ensured the faded yellow quilt that I was not sad. I had had a good life.
Then in 1989 the Girl showed up for a sleep over. She and her little sister were the daughters of the Man's new girlfriend. I will never forget that night. As soon as she put her frizzy brown head
(She had not yet learned about not running brushes through her curly hair after it was dry) on me, I was in love. She told her sister that I was the most comfortable pillow ever.
The next morning she asked the Man if she could have me. And he said YES!
I have been with the Girl since. I was there when her mom married the Man and she moved out into the country. I was there when she lay in the bed with her sister talking about how scared she was to ride a new bus to school on the first day of eighth grade. It wasn't fair that the girls had to ride two different buses. Their whole lives they had ridden to school with the same people. I was there in high school to absorb her tears when she cried over the boys. I went with her to Mississippi State in August of 1995. And every single time she came home, I was there with her.
I was there in 1996 when they brought her new niece home from the hospital. Her mom gave her a hard time about laying that pretty baby on me in her lap. She thought I was dirty. The Girl just laughed and said that I would be there in the bed at the hospital when her babies were born. Her mom just shook her head.
I was there the first time the Boyfriend spent the night in 1998. Looking back I can't believe that they both slept in that twin size bed. Even more impressive was that she shared me with him. She had never let anyone else lay their head on me (other than her sweet baby niece) at night in the nine years we had been together. I remember how happy the Girl was. I remember when he became the Husband the very next year. I was glad that he would be with us forever. Most nights, I spend pressed against the side of his face. I have always appreciated the fact that he doesn't seem to mind me being there.
I remember when the Girl ran in screaming and crying and laughing and jumped on the bed to tell the Husband that she was pregnant. I am here to tell you that if not for me, she would not have slept a wink in the 18 month she has spent pregnant. As the girl had predicted, I was there at the hospital when she had her babies. Her mom made sure that I had three layers of clean pillow cases even though the Girl washed me three times before taking me to the hospital.
Some of my favorite memories are of the girl laying those sweet babies on me while she fed them and held them close. I also loved when the Boy got older and he would ask to sleep on me. The Girl would often let me comfort him to sleep when he was sick. Just this morning the boy and his Sister  crawled in bed with their mom to snuggle. They lay there and told her they loved her while I cradled the boys head (It is not as curly as it used to be. I think he may be growing up on us) and the little Girl ran my pillow case through her fingers. 
I have been with the girl for 23 years. Sometimes that is hard to believe. We have only spent a handful of nights apart. A few times I have spent the night with the Husband, the Boy, and the Little Girl because the Girl had to go somewhere on an airplane. I have also spent two nights in an overnight shipping box because the Girl accidentally forgot me at her Mom's. Even though the mom insists she doesn't like me, she always gets me back to her Girl as quickly as possible.
Twenty three It really does seem like just yesterday that I was in the top of that closet telling the faded handmade quilt how good my life had been.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cookie Rally

Princess H had a big time at her first Cookie Rally for Girl Scouts last night. She was apparently appropriately indoctrinated. She woke me up this morning by jumping on my bed and declaring, "Mom! The cookie sale starts today! We need to get started! Let's go!"
I told her to calm down. We have a couple of weeks to sell. She looked at me like I was insane."Mom. The Girl Scout OWNER told me that it starts today and YOU have to listen to the owner."
Who can argue with the owner?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My List

This year I am attempting to be a better wife, get a promotion, lose weight (again and for good), work towards my Masters Degree in Health Sciences, plan a family reunion, spend more time with my family, be a better manager with an outstanding high performing team, make time for yoga, cook healthier meals, get Princess H to ballet on time, get Princess H to eat something besides pickle and mayonnaise sandwiches, keep Super Z on the honor roll, support Super Z through DII Soccer, encourage Princess H to make more friends by actually attending all of the Girl Scout Functions, spend more time with friends, have a relaxing vacation, keep my house a little cleaner, get up earlier, read more books, and last but not least return to blogging.

If someone could help me make the days longer that would be great. This is a start.