Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things my son says...

"How many rotations per minute is your motor doing right now?"

"Actually, I would eat it if you would stop thinking about it."

"I am a teenager now. I have pickles on my face."

"What if a giant astronaut sawed the Earth in half?"

"Can Princess H go live with Lee Lee and Sissy come live with us?"

"I am going to marry Katie Belle. She is going to sleep on my bottom bunk and we are going to drink coffee together."

"My Dad has a job. He makes money."

"I can't wear underwear anymore. It gives me a rash."

"I can't wear striped shorts. They give me a rash."

" I can't sleep with H. She makes me itch."

(He has very sensitive skin.)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Friends Are Important

Super Z is all about his friends these days. I remember when he was younger, he was content to do most things alone. Like the Princess is now, he was a master at entertaining himself. He has always been able to carry a conversation all on his own and his imagination is boundless. Lately however, his social life has been blooming.

Not only do kids come from far and wide for the free popsicles, but some actually stay to play. Randy and I can't get over the fact that Z knows more people in the neighborhood than we do...and they know him! Old men walking down the street will stop with a friendly, "How are you today, Z?"

Some of the kids have become regulars. The boy in the picture above has been coming over since the first day we moved in more than two years ago. He is often included in Z's stories. He comes over at least three times a week to make a mess, bicker over toys, and play all of the dirty dangerous things that boys play.

There are several other friends. There are the older kids who come to play with the cool toys and actually get to stay because they seem to be a good influence on Z. (The not so good influences don't stick around very long at all.) There are the kids who are Z's age who have only recently started to come around. Many of their parents now deem them old enough to visit houses several houses down. (I am not there yet. All friends must come to us.)

There are also our favorite friends, the cousins and best friends that don't live near us. These special friends we don't get to see as often, but we talk about them just as much, "Tater is getting better at baseball. We might start a team.", "Ethan can ride a bike Mom. You told me that. He might be five years old now.", "Sissy is the only girl that I like.", "Please let Katie Belle live with me.", "Can Samuel and Thomas crawl yet? Are they getting ready to talk?"

Near and far, we can't get enough of our friends.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Back in Business

I had a great trip to Mamaws. It was a lot of work, but it was very satisfying work. It is nice to feel like you are actually helpful to someone that you love. I know that the coming months are going to be pretty tough, so I am exceptionally grateful for those quiet moments alone with Mamaw and the kiddos. Mamaw has declared the Princess to be the most helpful baby girl ever. Every single time that Mamaw stood up, H was there handing her her cane and holding her hand.

Super Z also had a great time. Saturday morning as soon as I got him dressed, he declared, "Okay, now I have to go outside and get this clean off of me." He was a success. I don't know if he ha much clean on him at all the whole time we were there.

Upon my return I was greeted with a wonderous gift from my husband...a new cord to connect my camera to the computer! Yay. Now I can share all the things that you have been missing out on.

First up are new haircuts. About a month ago Princess H and I both got out hair cut. We look pretty darn good, if I may say so myself. You will notice that the Princess has inherited her mother's natural beauty, but does not care so much for posing for the camera. I am also including a shot of Z in all his unclean glory.

Have a great day!

Oooh, New Haircuts

No Clean Here

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blueberries and Fresh-air

Next week Super Z, Princess H and I are going to spend a couple of days with my Mamaw Etheridge. She is pretty weak these days and somebody has to stay with her at all times. I was happy to volunteer to stay with her for a couple of days. We will be going on the morning of July 10 and staying until the 13.

This will be the first time that I have spent the night at Mamaw's house since the 9th grade. That visit my one and only goal was to go riding around with my older cousin Laurie and smoke cigarettes.

Before that there had been week long visits every summer throughout my life and weekends scattered throughout the years. I had spent enough time there to know that Mamaw's beds were the most comfortable in the world, that nights were darker there than anywhere else, and that nothing made me feel as at home as the smell of morning at Mamaw's house.

I am especially excited about this trip, because it will be the first overnight at Mamaw's for my kids. That is awfully hard to believe. I am disappointed in myself that I haven't given them this experience before. How did I let business an life get in the way of sharing one of my greatest joys with them?

I know that there will be moments when I won't know what to do myself. The middle of nowhere is lacking on some of my daily necessities, such as the Internet and Target. But I also know that I will be filled with wonderful fresh-air, crisp perfect well water, blueberries fresh off the bush, the perfect smell of morning, and most importantly of all, moments with my Mamaw and my children, moments where family and home are the only things going on in the world.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Princess Boss

Princess H is one of the bossiest little girls that you can imagine. She just lives to say, "Go to your room!", "That is enough, say bye." and "No, don't look at me." There are a thousand other commands that she issues in her stern little voice on a daily basis.

She flares her little nostrils just right too. She has perfected the "And YOU KNOW that I am not joking" stare. What can I say? She gets it from her Mama.

It is actually pretty to funny to see this little person walking around that is like me in so many ways (yes, I am VERY VERY bossy), but so much cuter. Sometimes her expressions are so like mine that it is like looking in a mirror. I can read her emotions like a book. I pity her if she ever tries to lie to me. She doesn't have a chance.

I have always said that I don't think that I would like to hang out with someone who is just like me. How sad is that? Well, the Princess makes me change my mind about that...for now. The thought that fills my nightmares is teenage Serina. Oh Lord, what will I do?