Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Princess Boss

Princess H is one of the bossiest little girls that you can imagine. She just lives to say, "Go to your room!", "That is enough, say bye." and "No, don't look at me." There are a thousand other commands that she issues in her stern little voice on a daily basis.

She flares her little nostrils just right too. She has perfected the "And YOU KNOW that I am not joking" stare. What can I say? She gets it from her Mama.

It is actually pretty to funny to see this little person walking around that is like me in so many ways (yes, I am VERY VERY bossy), but so much cuter. Sometimes her expressions are so like mine that it is like looking in a mirror. I can read her emotions like a book. I pity her if she ever tries to lie to me. She doesn't have a chance.

I have always said that I don't think that I would like to hang out with someone who is just like me. How sad is that? Well, the Princess makes me change my mind about that...for now. The thought that fills my nightmares is teenage Serina. Oh Lord, what will I do?

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