Monday, August 6, 2007

The Screaming Contest

So there is a lovely new development in our house, I will call it the screaming contest. If Child A begins to cry then Child B will also begin to cry or at least to simulate crying. At this point, Child A will then cry louder in an effort to drown out Child B. Child B will then cease simulated crying and begin to scream, yell, moan at the top of his or her lungs. Child A ( who we will point out, actually started crying for a reason unrelated to the screaming contest) will then collapse into an inconsolable heap, as they are too distraught and distracted by previous events to actually give Child B a run for their money in that particular screaming contest; therefore, Child B claims victory every time. Please note that the roles are interchangeable. Princess H and Super Z can both successfully fill the role of Child A or B.
For some reason, I am amazed and amused by the screaming contest each and every time it happens. How can they know how to torture each other at such a young age? Is this trait naturally ingrained in siblings from birth? And how in the world has someone not developed a way to harness the sound waves of children and convert them to reusable energy? Seriously, I would never have to pay for electricity again. One screaming contest a week should be enough to keep the lights and AC going at my house. I guess the other 6 or seven screaming contest every week would produce energy for other without children.


Amanda said...


My son is still an only child but I think he's perhaps starting to have these contests with an imaginary friend.

Serina Hope said...

lol I know exactly what you mean. Super Z used to do that too. Kids are amazing.

Serina Hope said...
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