Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ride the Pony

So for some reason, Saturday mornings get my husband very ...excited. A Saturday morning can't go by without Randy making an oh so smooth move. It usually goes something like this...I am asleep and drooling on my pillow when suddenly I am awakened by the Wandering Hands.
"Uh, what are you doing? " I mumble. I am sure it sounds more like"whsdybaooiajdfuidhnnmoo?".
"Looking around.," he says. Yes indeed, that is his sexy I am in the mood line. He uses it frequently, because he is smooth like that.
Most Saturdays I will yell something nice like , "I AM SLEEPING!!!"
But every now and then my gracious side will kick in and his Saturday morning fantasies will be fulfilled.
Well this morning I reluctantly agreed to be seduced. I am not sure why...probably the looking around line. I am a sucka for poetry.
Anyway, about four minutes after the party is getting heated up what should I hear? The slight squeak that is my bedroom door opening. Oh, yes. Our super powers kicked in at that point. There was cover grabbing and repositioning at unprecedented speeds. The Flash would have been impressed. Then I slowly looked up into the smiling face of my daughter. She was absolutely thrilled...delighted...
"Ride the PONY!, " She squealed with glee. "Ride the pony, Daddy."
Ummm, there are no words to express how overjoyed I was by this little pronouncement. No words that can describe the sheer pride I feel in being deemed the pony.


Karly said...

Oh. My. God. I have no words. Just laughter.

Heather said...

Oh dear lawd. I would have died in bed.

beta mom said...

Too funny. I have no idea how we've made it nine years without "kidus interruptus". I'd die.

Blue Momma said...

That's just hilarious!

If hubby were to wake me up, for any reason, before Punkin' was up wanting his "warm milk", he would find himself relieved of his balls.

These days I need sleep much more than I need sex!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

That is some funny stuff right there!

I often get awakened by a "poke" in the back. Oh how romantic.

CdS said...

I saw the picture of the pony and was sure this was about to be a cute tale about Princess H involving a My Little Pony. I was going to share how I loved them and have about 12 of them from my childhood...

But,, never mind. I'll save that for some other time.

lisa's chaos said...

OMG! I about peed my pants from laughter and my husband enjoyed hearing it too. :) I still keep giggling. He's the same way, but without that smooth line. OMG

Then adding getting caught - uh, it's always so hard with kids. I have teens now and I think it's worse- they don't sleep as sound and you must be very very quiet. :)

Becky said...

I've only been caught once, and it was the middle of the night & Ethan was sick...but it was so embarassing - even though he had no idea that anything was going on cause he felt so bad.

I'm pretty sure a locked door is the way to go.


Dana said...

That is classic! Definately a tale to tell when she has kids!