Friday, August 17, 2007

10 Things That Made Me Happy Today

I am tired. Work is kicking my ass. I try not to talk about it too much here because, uh...boring. So in honor of it being Friday, the day of optimism, I give you the bright side, the glass if half full, the sunlight, the top ten things that made me happy today.

10) We got more of the good hazelnut coffee at work!
9) My new assistant seems to GET IT. She really does.
8) We ordered P'zones for dinner! No cooking, no mess.
7) Princess H was dressed in a perfectly matched outfit that her Dad put together!
6) I had enough spending money set aside to go ahead and order all of the prints that I wanted of our family pictures.
5) I got the greatest idea for a short story on the way home.
4) Super Z, looking every inch the surfer dude, with no shirt and a wooden bead necklace greeted me at the car as soon as I drove up.
3) I got at least 18 goodnight kisses from Z & H.
2) Super Z remembers the school rules that I told him last night!
1) I get to spend the entirety of the next 2 days doing nothing but lazing with my family. Amen.


Special K ~Toni said...

Sounds great, especially #1!

Bilbo said...

My children are all grown and gone, and now I enjoy life through my grandchildren. Great blog! Love that hazelnut coffee, too! Best wishes, Bilbo.

Sniff Sniff said...

I had no idea you drank coffee. What does that say about us?