Saturday, August 18, 2007

Favorite TV Episodes

This week, TWQ (The Weekend Question) asks about the best episodes of a tv series you've seen. Can you tell what are your favorite episodes of any tv series? List as many as you like. Say why they are the best.

I ran into the question at another blog that I enjoy reading. He challenged his readers to answer the question too, so I am going to tell you my favorite episodes from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I am only slightly embarrassed to tell you that Buffy is one of my all time favorite shows. I never said that I wasn't a big dork. And yes I was an adult when I started watching it. :)
I especially loved the relationship between Buffy and Spike. That will probably be obvious from my choices.

My answers are:

"Something Blue" from Season Four. This is the episode where one of Willow's spells inadvertently makes Buffy and Spike think that they are in love. This one was hilarious. They were so far from in love at this point, but it was great foreshadowing.

"Fool For Love" from Season 5. A lot of history on Spike. I love Spike.

"Crush" Season 5. Spike offers to kill Drusilla to prove his love for Buffy. Loving the love...even though Buffy doesn't return his feelings. And I hate Drusilla, so offering to kill her was wonderful.

"The Body" from Season 5. Buffy's Mom died. It was really awful. But the stillness of the episode really made you feel the powerful loss. It was very sad, but a very well made episode.

"The Gift" Season 5 Finale. Buffy dies to save her sister. This one to me showed once and for all that Spike had truly changed his ways. There is no more evil Spike after this, just crazy in love with Buffy Spike.

"Once More, With Feeling" Season 6. The musical episode. It might sound dopey, but this was my favorite episode of all.

"Smashed" Season 6. Buffy and Spike bring down the house. This episode was just hot. Truly.

"Gone" Season 6. Invisible Buffy takes advantage of the situation.

"Beneath You" Season 6. Buffy Finds out that Spike got his soul back.

"Touched" Season 7. Spike comforts Buffy. There was a lot of sex between these two in Season 6, but this is really the first episode where there is intimacy from both sides. So tragic.

"Chosen" Season 7. Series Finale. Spike dies to save Buffy, the Scoobies, and the other slayers. I know that many people think that the Buffy/Angel romance was better, but really Spike died to save her, tragic romantic love at its finest.

Now its your turn....


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's a good theme that you used from my Journal. I've seen the occasional Buffy episode, but not many. I enjoyed the series finale.

Blue Momma said...

OMG! Buffy is the best show ever. However, I don't seem to run up on many other people who agree. I have all of the DVD's and when I get a chance throw my own little Buffy marathon.

And Smashed is my favorite. Ooooh, I love, love, love me some Spike. He is definititely on my List, but only if he is in character. Did you see the guy who plays Spike on Smallville? Just not the same.

Serina Hope said...

I agree 100% it just wasn't the same. But as Spike...yeah he is on my list too, definetly.

I loved this theme Jean-luc! I really enjoyed my trip down Buffy Lane. So thanks!

Lady Latte said...

Since I live in Sweden we do not have exactly the same shows that you have, or are behind in seasons. With four teenagers that decide what we watch. A family favorite is So you think you can dance.

My own favorite is CBS 60 minutes, but nowdays I listen to that on podcasts.

CdS said...

Unfortunately I was probably one of the only people on earth to watch Buffy the first two seasons and then stop watching it...without any plausible reason. You've renewed my interest, especially in the whole Buffy-Spike thing. If you ever come across a tape or DVD with any of the episodes you mentioned, let me know : )

The Insane Writer said...

I could never decide between Buffy and Angel or Buffy and Spike. I think Spike won in the end.

Amanda said...

I definitely liked Buffy with Spike better. I didn't watch Buffy when it was on but I watched the entire series as a rerun and loved it.