Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Dreams I Dream

I have always had vivid dreams.
When I was a little girl I used to have the same dream almost every night. I would dream that I was walking down a country road. There was always a white fence lining both sides of the road. I would be strolling along minding my own business, when suddenly I would notice a 10 foot tall tomato shaped pin cushion rolling down the road after me. (Yes, a tomato shaped pin cushion.) With the fence on both sides of me there was only one thing to do...run. I would run down this forever curving road panting and screaming as this giant beast of a pin cushion silently lumbered along behind me. I would wake up in a panic. I don't think I could've been more frightened if I was dreaming that I was being bitten by rats. (I've had that one too.)
I swear to you sometimes the things that my mind comes up with when I am asleep could be flashes from movies, movies that range from very steamy kinky to very freaky scary. (I dream in pictures...I remember my psych professor in college saying that some people dream in pictures and others in words. I am a picture girl.)
I am also blessed with the unique ability to remember most of those dreams. At least once a week I get to regale Randy with a tale of me pouring boiling hot tea over his body because he was doing very bad things with random girl 3.0. Actually, I have only had that one once, normally my dreams are pretty enjoyable, but believe me he gets to hear about all kinds of crazy stuff.
Other times when Randy is extra lucky, he gets to experience me being pissed at him over something that happened far far away in SerinaDreamLand. For an example of one of these dreams, please see the tea incident above. I try not to do this, as I know it is borderline crazy to be upset with someone else over something that happened in your own head, but fortunately he already knew I was crazy when he signed up for this gig. I say he just has to weigh the pros and cons. Sure..sometimes I wake up mad at him for no reason at all, but sometimes he wakes up and gets to hear a terrific X-rated story. Sometimes the dreams are so freaky that he'll ask me to tell him again that night, his own in-house version of Penthouse. If only I could come of with those things while I was awake... I could make a great living writing erotic literature. I am sure my Mamaw would be very proud of that.


Amanda said...

I used to be a real dreamer too. I loved it and looked forward to the dreams each night. But, since I had my son a year ago, I've hardly had 2 dreams that I can remember even though I've got most of my sleep back now. Really with the dreams would come back.

Becky said...

Why do they make pin cushions in the shape of tomatoes? Who thought of that?

Dana said...

I hate those dreams where I wake up mad. Of course the hubs would probably love it if I had one of the X-rated ones!