Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working on a Sunday??

So I have to go into the office today. On a Sunday. This is not fun. This is not my idea of a good time. But as part of the testing group on the Upgrade, which serves no purpose as far as I can tell, it is my duty. When duty calls, I complain...and then go.
Other than that we have had an excellent weekend. I will give you some highlights...
  • Princess H got out of the tub and ran streaking through the house while pooping. You heard me right, running through the house while pooping.

  • My husband grilled me a big fat juicy steak. It was just as good as it sounds.

  • Super Z decided that his Jack- O - Lantern should have Flash ears, a.k.a. Thunder ears, a.k.a. lightning bolt ears.

  • I began reading The Red Tent. It is lovely. I am really enjoying it. You should read it. Right now.

  • I decided that I am going to write a book. Well, I am going to try. I was talking to my friend, Cat, last week and I decided that I should write a book about my Mamaw F. ( The one who has been married 60 years). I thought about it a bit more this weekend and I decided that it is worth a shot. I am going to begin my research next weekend. That means that I am going for a good long visit. You guys send me good creative vibes.

  • My sister decided that her neighbor is a witch. I convinced my sister that she probably will not get turned into a frog.

I will leave you with a lovely shot of Super Z when he still had some baby left in him. I miss that baby. I like the boy, but I miss the baby. Is that acceptable?


Amanda said...

You'll write a great book! I love your writing style.

Bilbo said...

I'll buy your book. Someday, I'll write mine, and you can buy it, too. Working on Sunday is a pain, but the steak seems to have made it bearable. And what a great picture of Super Z! We spent the afternoon with our newest grandchild, Leya, who is just over two months old now, and she melts your heart. Good luck!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

EWWW. Princess H!! You live in MS, sweetcakes. That's not very ladylike. Or nice to your poor mother who had to work on the weekend. And, yummmy. I wish my husband would just cook cereal let alone a big juicy steak. You are spoiled.

Mom Chatter said...

Working on Sundays sucks... I'm sorry you had to do it! WOW, Princess H. I hope the mess wasn't TOO bad. Mmmmm steak! AND way to go on deciding to write a book... that's so awesome! I wish you lots of creative vibes! :)