Monday, October 8, 2007

A Weekend of Bonding

This weekend Randy took Super Z and Ty camping. They rode bikes, rode four wheelers, and slept in the woods. If the amount of fun that they had can be measured by the amount of dirt that was on Super Z when he got home Sunday, well then they had a blast. Apparently Father/son bonding is a really dirty business.
When I asked Z what his favorite part of the trip was, he said, " Burning doughnuts."
Uh...what? After a few minutes of questioning it was determined that Burning Doughnuts = Roasting marshmallows. Ahh..that makes much more sense. He was also pretty excited about spending time alone with just his Dad and brother. When I mentioned that maybe one day Princess H and I would go camping with them he scoffed at the idea.
"I don't think so, Mom. I don't think girls would like camping.," he explained over the phone when they were on their way back from Alabama.
This gave me yet another opportunity to explain to him that girls can like anything that boys like and vise versa. I could almost hear those little four year old blue eyes rolling in his head when he sighed, " Okayyy, Mom."
The boys weren't the only ones enjoying some stereotypical bonding time. Princess H and I spent all day Saturday shopping and getting ready for her birthday party. We had a lovely day. The only time she even came close to acting up was when I refused to let her wear her brand new patent leather dress shoes with her blue jeans. After some reasoning (distraction) I was able to convince her that it wasn't really a good look.
I took my time shopping and just enjoyed spending the day with my daughter. We didn't rush anything. She is a lovely little thing. She squeals, " Purty!" at everything she sees on the shelves and insists on telling every single person that she sees, " Hey! Hello!" She also likes to say, "Help me!" a lot. I learned that "Help me!" means that she wants me to help her out of the buggy or stroller so that she can walk around for a few minutes. She never ran away, she just walked beside me, holding my hand. After a bit she would be ready to get back in.
I have to admit, I really enjoyed being her favorite person in the world that day. She is usually Daddy's girl. I get affection, but not a whole days worth. It was wonderful.


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

How great that you got to enjoy some gal bonding time, too. I agree. Patent leather does not look suave with jeans. You need to teach her faux pas & all that goes with it. I would love to see her & say, "Hey! Hello!" back.

Amanda said...

Sounds like your entire family had a wonderful weekend. I'm looking forward to my husband coming to Brisbane this Friday for all three of us to have some bonding.

p/s Don't apologize for tagging me on memes. I like doing them. I'm just not comfortable tagging other people.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Burning doughnuts sounds a great way of putting it.