Monday, September 24, 2007

Part II of the Soulsurvive Interview

So, welcome to part two of my interview from Cat over at Soulsurvive. I have read these questions and she gets a little risque here at the end of the interview. Those of you who are feint of heart may not want to read any further. :) I am just kidding, it isn't all that risque.

11. Is there anything that you've done outrageous while not in your right mind/while intoxicated, etc.?
I am not a big drinker at all these days. I will drink occasionally in social situations.
This has not always been true, however. Sadly, back in those early days I didn't always make the best decisions.
As I look back at the things I have done under the influence, I would have to say that the grand majority or them happened in high school and college, you know, before I was 21. See, this just cements my belief that teenagers are crazy. There are probably several stupid things that I have done, but I don't know about outrageous.
When I was in high school I probably kissed a few too many boys, boys that I wouldn't have otherwise looked at twice.
When I was in college, I had a tendency to talk too much when I was drinking. I think that several people ended up knowing things that I would have rather they never knew.
As far as post legal drunken mistakes, at a friend's wedding about a year after I got married, I ended up flirting a little too much with an ex boyfriend of mine. Randy wasn't there and I got a little carried away by the alcohol, music, and the dim lights. Nothing happened, of course. There was just a little flirting, but I did feel bad about it the next day.

12. What is the best date you have been on?
I can't really say that any one date stands above the rest. Every time that I get to go somewhere alone with my husband it is special. We just don't get to do it all that often. I remember a couple of times when we walked along the river or visited the Indian mounds in our area at night. Those were particularly romantic. I also remember a date to the fair where he spent way too much money trying to win me a prize. there have been countless dinners and movies, and I have enjoyed every one.

13. If you could have a shopping spree at any store, where would it be?
I believe that I will have to say Target. That doesn't sound all that extravagant does it? But I love Target. They have all kinds of great things. They are the best store for random items. Take your pick: towels, books, Cd's, clothes, shoes, toys, candles, bowls, desk organizers, art supplies.

14. When did you realize that your husband was "the one" (you would marry)?
It is funny that you would ask this, Randy and I were just discussing this two nights ago. We are in agreement on when this occurred. We had dated for a few months when we were 15 and we had known each other for most of our lives, at least in passing. But in the years between the ages of 16 and 21 we lived in different worlds. He moved off to Mobile and was the male half of a teenage pregnancy adventure, while I graduated high school and went to college. When he was 21, he moved back to town. I just happened to be in town for Mother's Day and ran into him in Fred's ( for more on this see me 100 things). It was magic. It was instant wow. I am not lying, I was giddy and having hot flashes. There has been nothing like it before or since. He came over that night and hung out. The next day he took me out on a date (actually he took me walking around in the woods on my Papaw's land, but that was my choice). We both knew that day that we would be together forever. It may sound stupid. It sure sounds crazy to me, but that is the truth. We got married 13 months later, exactly one month after I graduated college and moved home to be with him.

15. What about yourself do you wish you could change?
My weight. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I remember. I am currently slowly making my way down to the size of a normal healthy person, but I have a long way to go. It is a daily struggle. I wish that I didn't have that problem. I wish that I was just a good ole size 12 and only had to fret about cellulite on my thighs.

16. Do you (a) know a bit of the Kama Sutra, (b) about 50% of the Kama Sutra, (c) hell, you wrote the book! or (d) what is the Kama Sutra?
Hehe. I would have to say c. I mean, I didn't actually write the Kama Sutra, but I think that most married couples could write their own book.

17. Is there anything you're just really aching to do, try, achieve, etc.?
I would like to learn how to quilt and I would like to be able to spend more time writing.
I wouldn't say that I am aching for those things, but it would be nice.

18. What traits would you say that you inherited from each of your parents?
I am stubborn like both of them.
I would say that I am more like my Dad in that I am not all that quick to anger, but when I do get mad the primary symptom is that I speak in a very high pitched voice. I am also like him in my love of learning and reading. I think that I also have his sense of humor.
I am a lot like my Mom in the way that I worry about things a lot more than I should. I think that my creative streak also comes from her. I recognize a lot of her in myself in the way that I interact with other people. It is hard to put my finger on exactly what it is. I guess the simplest way to explain it is a frankness, a simple honest way of relating to others.

19. Do you think there will be a female elected president in your lifetime?
Yes, I believe that it is possible that it will happen next year. If not, it won't be too much longer.

20. If you had the opportunity right this moment to ask God one question, what would it be?
This is a really difficult question. I think that if I could ask God anything, I would ask him to describe Heaven to me.


Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. Its nice to get glimpses into the lives of other bloggers. You and your husband sound so romantic!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good interview. It allows us to glimpse a little.

Dana said...

I'd pick Target too!

Blue Momma said...

Now we know everything, right? (You can email me the really deep, dark secrets!)

I hit Target his afternoon. I got Punkin three shirts, two shorts, a two piece Thomas pajama set and two three piece pajama sets for a little over $20!

The 50% or more clearance rack rocks!

Bradley Egel said...

I love the last comment about asking g-d to describe heaven. Clever! :)

I found you through Works for Mom's (What Works or Us) site...she gave you an Egel Nest Award! Congrats!

The Egel Nest

Sleeping Beauty said...

Really interesting! I like the interveiw! Great idea.

My traits that I got from my parents are my moodiness and being laid back, hmm.... how can I be the two? LOL