Thursday, September 13, 2007

Phone call With Mom

I am trying to decide what to get my Mama for her birthday, so I call her up and this is the lie.

Mom: Hello?
Me: What do you need?
Mom: Makeup.
Me: groan...What do you love?
Mom: What do you mean what do I love?
Me: What do you love?
Mom: That is a dumb question..what do I want?
Me: No, what do you love.
Mom: There are no things that I love. What are you talking about?
Me: So you love nothing.
Mom: I want makeup.
Me: What size do you wear?
Mom: Make up does not come in sizes.
Me: What size do you wear?
Mom: I don't want clothes. I don't need clothes. I don't want that at all.
Me: Why can't you just answer a question?
Mom: Did you get me clothes?
Me: What kind of makeup do you need?
Mom: It's Lancome, and you wouldn't know what I was talking about. Besides, it is expensive and you can't afford it.

This is but one iota of the conversation folks. Just a little taste of the challenge that is my Mom.


Bubblewench said...

That's the same conversation I have with my mother every year. Birthday's Christmas Anniversaries... And I'm about to have it with her again, her birthday is next week.

Amanda said...

LOL! At least thats better than my mom's answer each time: NOTHING.

Her b'day is coming up too but I'm prepared this year. Got her vouchers for a nice haircut because I feel she needs it. Ha Ha HA!

Dana said...

She sounds as difficult as my mother!

Annette Lyon said...

Makes me sad that she can't think of things she loves. For me, I'm afraid the list would be long and fattening.