Sunday, September 16, 2007

Notes on the Scandal

Well, I am finally home. The weekend wasn't all bad. For the most part I was unaffected by the drama. Of course, I hate to see my Mom sad, but she seemed okay considering. She hasn't actually moved out yet. She is taking her time and packing her stuff. For the most part, her husband's tactic ( at least when he was around the rest of us) seemed to be to act like nothing is going on. He came to my nephew's birthday party and acted like usual. I would almost be tempted to say that he was on his best behavior, but he fell asleep at the party, which seems kind of wacky to me.
I think that he wants to just ignore the problem. I know that she wants him to want her to stay. I had to hold her down and torture her (not really) into promising me that she wouldn't just slip into denial mode. If he wants her to stay (IF, we don't KNOW) he has to at least tell her that and tell her that he is sorry for the ugly things that he said to her. I know that is what she wants to happen. I just don't know if it will. I just don't know.
Talk about stress. I hate having to worry about my parents. I really do.
I wanted to thank all of you for your words of support. It is nice to be part of such a great community.
On a lighter note, Super Z has become such an expert on wiping butts ( for his input on this please see his interview from last week ) that he has begun to wipe other people's butts. Yes, you heard me right. This weekend my nephew, Tater Tot ( who turned 3 today!), INSISTED THAT Z BE THE ONE TO WIPE HIS BUTT. Oh yes, fun. My sister, who heard this demand, ran straight for the bathroom. She got there just in time to see Tater Tot bent over holding onto his ankles and Super Z carefully wiping his butt. I am sure they will love this story in about 8 years.


Amanda said...

Yikes! I missed your earlier post but this is a stressful situation. Luckily your mom has you to support her. She definitely deserves an apology.

Dana said...

I hope that she is able to stay strong and not just act like nothing happened like he is doing.