Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday 13 In A Non Connected Clueless Kind of Way

Don't worry guys, next week I am going to ask Mr. Linky for help (Thanks for the offer!) and read Nesting Mama's instructions. And then finally I will be all linked up and cool. I will be an official participant, a real MEMBER of the community. But for now, I am too tired to try something new, too run down to exert effort, too ready for 5:30 tomorrow evening to think. So here regardless, is my very first Thursday 13.

13 Things that Princess H Can Say

  1. Sumina Man! ( This is Super Man, Spider Man, Batman, The Flash, Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Captain Kirk, and so forth and so on)
  2. Get me out
  3. Gimmee a bite!
  4. I need a cup.
  5. Where is Zane? ( The poor baby is always looking for that boy.)
  6. I want Dee Dee. ( Her Uncle and her favorite person in the world.)
  7. I love loooo.
  8. Stop Henna! ( Hehe. She tells herself to stop.)
  9. No way! Oh man! ( These two pretty much always come together.)
  10. I need a bath. ( She needs a bath 24/7)
  11. What is this? ( This is almost constant too.)
  12. I want to go! ( This is usually yelled as someone else is walking out the door.)
  13. Ohhhhh pretty. ( If she sees girl clothes, no matter how hideous they may be, this is her response. She may not be a fashionista, but she is definitely going to be a shopper.)


John said...

Sounds like she's got the essentials down! The shopping thing is scary!

Amanda said...

Yes, she definitely has all the important phrases!

Dana said...

I wish my kids had never learned "gimme a bite". I still hear it almost daily.

Becky said...

I wish mine would say something besides "da da" Even when he's saying something that I'm pretty sure is not that, it still sounds like "da da" and still no "ma ma" has come out of his mouth. Sigh.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Serina, of course you're invited to the Enterprise Christmas Party. Official Invites will be given nearer the time.

If you take a look at last years, or the year before, it will give you an idea of what happens in the Party. Bloggers send their own version of what happened to them while attending the Party on the Enterprise. I publish them as part of the party.

Nesting Momma said...

so cute. I am a day late but I made it over...She sounds so sweet.

WorksForMom said...

Princess H is adorable and has quite the language skills. I love your blog - I'll be back!

Elizabeth said...

Is it sad that I read Picards comment IN the voice of captain picard?!

My nephew Odin, who's 3, is really getting into Star Wars (before that it was superman) was with a little friend of his and my mother-in-law and she was telling the little girl not to hit him or "Odin might get sad if you keep hitting him" and Odin says--dead serious--"No, Odin won't be sad..but it makes Luke Skywalker MAD." hehe.