Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Few Comments on My Heroes

  • There is nothing that my kids like more than dressing up. In Super Z's world, dressing up means dressing up as a hero...any hero. He will then run around and yell, " I am Super fill in the blank Hero!!" Because of this, Princess H has decided that she is Super fill in the blank hero every time that she dresses up too. It doesn't matter if she is dressed as a princess or a ladybug. She will yell, " I am Sumina Bug!" In H-ese that means that she is Super Ladybug. The Ladybug costume was her Halloween costume last year. This year we are thinking Super Princess!
  • The second Spiderman in the picture with Z is my nephew Tater. Don't you love how they are cradling one anothers' non-boobs? I am sorry, that just cracks me up every time that I look at that picture. In real life Tater looks like this:
Well, no that isn't quite right. He is actually more like this:
  • I did not make the costumes in my Wordless Wednesday pics. I am not very crafty. If I tried to make a costume for my kids it would not be pretty. A costume that I would make would be something like a Q-tip, you know, dressed in white clothing with tons of toilet paper wrapped around their head and foot regions. :) Then we would have Sumina Q-tip! AKA - Super Q-Tip!
  • The Flash is actually a new costume that we picked up at Party City last weekend. This is going to be Super Z's Halloween costume and his birthday costume. "What?", you say? Well, my son is under the impression that every year his birthday must be the same theme as his Halloween costume and he must attend the party dressed in said costume. Apparently that is a custom among the young Supers. I have no idea where it originated. All that I can tell you is that it first reared its ugly head in our home last year, at his fourth birthday party.
  • The Superman costume that Princess H is wearing in the WW pics is the costume from Super Z's last Halloween/birthday.I would like to point out that at 23 months, she is almost the same size that Z was at 4. The girl takes after her Mama (6 ft.) and the boy after his Dad (5'4). Imagine our family pictures in twelve years. We are so freakin cool.
  • The pink cape, that Princess H is using to dress up the Superman costume, came from our family trip to Six Flags this Summer. I bought the kiddos capes while we were waiting for Randy and Ty to finish riding roller coasters. It sucks sometimes to be little (or the Mommy watching the littles). You miss out on stuff. But fortunately the Mommy is a sucker for sad faces and is quick to use the credit card on vacation.

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The Q-tip said...

That was me - I was the Q-tip. And I thought it was an excellent costume.

E is going to be Spiderman this year at Halloween. So, i think we're backwards. Last year he had a Spiderman party and was Batman, and this year we're having a Batman party, and he's Spiderman. Maybe cause he's from Louisiana. :) Or he didn't get the supers memo.