Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bed Time at the Love Shack

Princess H, in her outfit of choice and her brother's shoes hanging out on the couch with her favorite (stripped of course) baby.

And my much more modest child, Super Z showing off his new haircut.

I know too many pictures lately. But I don't know how people stop themselves from posting pics all the time. Randy has learned that when I sweetly ask ( yell at the top of my lungs), " Get the CAMERA!" That I mean RIGHT now. There is something going on that I must share with the world. If I miss that moment, that instant that I yearn to capture I may never get over it. Meaning I may gripe about it for almost an hour after he is ready to go to sleep...No, I wouldn't really do that. Well, not intentionally anyway.


Dana said...

Once you start with pictures, it only goes downhill from there. Next, you will insist on having a camera in your pocket at all times. I am even thinking about getting a 2nd one just so that I can do that.

Blue Momma said...

More pictures, please!?!?

I've got a great camera, but it's too big to lug around everywhere. And I'm too scared of messing it up.

I've been thinking about buying another - and not telling Hubby, of course - to carry in my purse. Can you find one of the small ones without the lag these days? That's why we went with the SLR for our last one.

And again, more photos, please??!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well she did have her shoes on!

Shauna Loves Chocolate said...

That is just too funny!