Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Dreaded Bullet Post

I have a lot going on today, so I figured I would do a bullet point post to catch everybody up...hehe and save myself time, because I am lazy.
  • My good friend Leigh, who is having twin boys, had a diaper shower today. She got quite a few diapers, but not as many as she needs. God, I can't even get my head around how many diapers you would need with breast fed twins...whew.
  • My Mom, my sister, my niece, and my nephew came to town for the shower. Super Z and Princess H couldn't have been happier. We always love it when THEY come to see US. More often than not it is the other way around.
  • Randy had to replace the water pump on my washer. Apparently, a washer leaking water all over the floor every time you wash clothes is a sign of a bigger problem, who knew?
  • When Super Z woke up yesterday he said it burned when he peed. I looked at his penis and noticed a little redness. I made an appointment and Randy took him in to the doctor. It turns out that all it was was a little soap irritation. Uh, apparently he was cleaning it a little too vigorously...
  • While he was there, Randy asked the doctor to check out Super Z's ears because of the episode Wednesday night. Turns out that my baby, who hasn't complained since I "fixed" him, has TWO ear infections. That is right, one in each ear. Ouch! I can't believe that he only complained that one night. He is now on antibiotics and ear drops. The combo of champions.
  • When Randy picked up Super Z from school yesterday, his teacher told Randy that I needed to call her. When I called her she told me that Super Z had a bad week. Apparently, his fighter within has once again reared his ugly head. As a result, Super Z is grounded from his bike this weekend. I can't help but wonder if the double ear infection had something to do with his behavior. I don't want to be one of those Mothers who makes all kinds of excuses for her child's behavior, but it is a possibility.
  • Since Princess H woke up this morning, she has been coughing like a 65 year old smoker. I am a bit worried about her. I would be willing to lay down money that Randy will be back in the Pediatricians office come Monday.
  • Randy got a part time job two weeks ago. He is working two hours a day taking deposits out of ATMs. He worked with ATMs before he started staying at home with the kids, so he jumped at the offer. It isn't much, but he enjoys his time on his own I think. In six months or so he will be going back to work full time. Just thinking about it makes me sad. I kind of like having him around all of the time.
  • I have met my first weight loss goal. Since May I have lost 60 pounds. Go me.
  • Super Z is now in the 28th percentile for height! This is the first time in his life that he has been above the 10th percentile. Yay Super Z! He also weighs 40 pounds. I can't believe how much he has grown this year. Last year he was 30 pounds.
  • I am poor. I need money. I need money for Christmas presents. Please send your donations to....Well it isn't quite that bad yet. But the Christmas/birthday season is always a drain around here. And what in the world is up with these gas prices!?! Bah...not quite humbug, but bah.
  • Have I mentioned that I want my own house? I really really want my own house. I really do.

I'll be back tomorrow with a more coherent post, I promise. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You need a CRAZY amount of diapers for twins. She's planning to breast feed? Woman rocks!

I hope the kiddos heal soon. Poor things.

Having Randy going to work will get you the money for the presents & the house.

janet said...

me, i looove bullet posts. easy for those of us with short attention spans :-P

good for you on 60 pounds! that's awesome.

and i hope super z is better soon. and the princessa doesnt get too sick.

Stella said...

I used to feel so bad when I would bring the boy into the pediatrician for something else, a cough, etc. and he would have raging double ear infections! He never let on that it was painful!

You have had quite the week!! I enjoyed the bullet brain is FRIED!

Bren said...

I hope Super Z and Princess H feel better soon! It's tough when your kids are sick.

Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!!

Bilbo said...

You've lost 60 pounds since May! Wow, congratulations! At this rate, you won't cast a shadow by Christmas!

John said...

60lbs! Awesome!

We did a diaper service for our first (about the same as disposables) and then we bought and washed our own cloth diapers for our second (we were way poorer back then!)

Amanda said...

I'm always looking at those percentiles too. Aaron is constantly at the 10th or even the 5th for both height and weight.

60lbs in 6 months is an amazing achievement. Congratulations!

JUST A MOM said...

ok here is somethign for ya on the lives of birthdays.... I have 2 see that 2 birthdays that land on THANKSGIVING DAY every 7 years THEN I have Christmas for 5 count them 5 girls.. now ya what to start with money.... hope you get a house of your own soon hey come out here were got soooooooooo many.... enjoy your weekend.

Blue Momma said...

Ear infections really suck. I hope Super Z is feeling better.

At our last pedi visit we found out Punkin was in the >95% on weight and that he had dropped down to the 70th on height.

With the genes he has inherited from us this meant an immediate ending to all sugary treats. Poor kid!

Momo Fali said...

Sixty pounds! Dang! Good job girl! I'm so envious.
My son is 5 1/2 and weighs 32 pounds. At his last gastroenterology appointment we found out he's in the 3rd percentile for height and weight...his first time on the chart! We were so excited!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's a busy time you are having.

Secret Agent Mama said...

I will be doing the "dreaded bullet post later tonight or tomorrow".
GIRL, Congrats on the weightloss. I need to start losing, and FAST! Share secrets, please!

I hope Santa brings you that house for Christmas!

Mom Chatter said...

WOW... what a busy week! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! ;P

Congrats on the weight loss... that is AWESOME! I bet you feel AWESOME, too!

Hope Super Z and Princess H are feeling better... we have that cough here, too, but no ear infections. This time of year sucks in terms of sickness.