Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Road to Reading

Super Z is on the way to knowing how to read. He knows several of his sight words now. He picks them off of signs and out of the middle of other words as we drive down the road.

"Look Mom! The is the sight word me!"

"Look Mom! I see the!"

"The sight word it is in the middle of that word, Mom. C-I-T-Y. Do you see it?"

He is also starting to sound out a few things. He seems to do his best when I am not pressuring him. "Come on , baby. You can do it. What sound does S make?," gets me nowhere some nights.
While just riding down the road I will hear from the backseat, "zooooooooooonneeee. Zoooonnee. Mom, does Z-O-N-E spell zone?"

I am so proud and so excited. It is amazing to me how quickly things seem to be clicking together in his brain. His wondermous magical brain.

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Pamela said...

when learning is an adventure... what fun