Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Cake, the Fish and the Bag-lady

She is too pretty. I love this picture. I bought her the cute hat and she put it on right away, along with her the jacket which was a gift from her great grandma and grandpa Felter.
I lied. I did get to sit down while we opened presents. I love opening gifts with my babies. It is one of the bonuses that comes with being the Mama.
By the end of presents Princess H looked like a bag lady. She was wearing the new hat and jacket along with a new fairy skirt over her pants and her new blingy bag. How cute is she?
These are my creative contribution to the party. Gummy fish in jello. Apparently the gummy fish were disgusting (according to Super Z, who spit his half chewed fish on the ground) but I was proud of them anyway.

Randy's cake was not as elaborate as last year, but it was still cute and delicious. It was a triple layer ocean colored heart shaped cake lined in mini marshmallows. It was topped by Princess H's favorite princess (That would be Ariel...Earl in Princess H speak) and some gummy fish to keep her company.


John said...

Looks like a beautiful little girl and a great party

Pamela said...

at first I thought you meant a real bag lady at the park.

This summer we went to a park in Portland for our granddaughter's 4th birthday.

A homeless guy ( a bag man?) with his shopping cart sat close behind us under a tree.

He even got a piece of cake!!