Monday, November 24, 2008

Interview Part 3

11. What is your "sweet escape"? Or, rather, the thing you do, place you go, etc. that "takes you away" from the real world, a la' Calgon?

My answer is so boring. reading is my escape. When I read nothing else exists, no sound can pierce my solace. Just ask Randy. He LOVES that about me. haha

12. What one trait would you bestow upon the world if you could and why?

Tolerance. So many bad things happen in the world everyday. I imagine that a bit of tolerance might be a step in the right direction

13. If you are not already doing it, what would be your epitome of the perfect career?

Reading and writing. Preferably something interesting :)
I like my job though. I like the days that I get to use my brain the most. I love solving problems. I am a huge problem solving geek.

14. Invisibility, teleporting (a la' the movie "Jumper"), telekenesis, pyrokenesis, or psychic/foretelling abilities -- which one of these powers would you prefer?

Teleporting! God, I hate driving. I hate traveling in the car. Sigh. If my family could teleport we could see family whenever we wanted. You couldn't ask for a better power than that.

15. Do you think a movie could be made of your life? Which actor would you like to play you? You can also do the same for, oh let's say, 5 other key people in your life.

A VERY boring movie could be made of my life. :) I would have Donna from that 70s show play me. She would need a fat suit at the beginning of the movie, but hopefully not by the end. Dave Mathews (although not an actor) would play Randy. Goldie Hawn could play my Mom and Bruce Springstein my Dad. lol How cool would that be?

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Ms know it all said...

Dave Matthews does act some. He was in Because of Winn Dixie and some other ones too.