Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wouldn't You Know It?

So we went to Memphis Friday night. It was a pretty good trip up there. The kids didn't whine too much. No windows were broken due to decibel issues at least. Randy and I did that talking thing we do so well. We flitted from one subject to the other for the whole four hour drive.
The visit was pretty boring. Nice but boring. His brother lives with his 10 year old son and a single male cousin. To say that this house needs a woman's touch is an understatement. At one point I asked Alan, " Um, so you know that you can actually hang things on the walls, right?"
I basically spent the whole weekend protecting the Princess from the environment. "No H! Don't touch the dirty pile of screws!" "No H! Leave that tool box in the middle of the living room alone!" "No H! Don't drink the bottle of motor oil that is being used as a door stop!"
You think I jest. but I don't.
Now you would think that that would be the worst part of the trip, no? Well it wasn't. The worst part is that the day we went north...it snowed at home. It snowed...AND STUCK. Not only did it snow at our house...it snowed even further south than that. It snowed at my Mom's and my Mamaw's. (That is my lovely Mamaw in the picture above. She lives about as south in Mississippi as you can get and not live on the coast. How cool is that?)
Now, to clarify how this was horrible. My son loves snow. He loves snow as much as someone who has never seen it can love snow. he has MANY plans of what he will do one day when he encounters snow. He wants to visit you internets who have snow. He drools over your pictures. AND he missed it. Everywhere we went yesterday people asked him, "SO how did you like the snow?" Every single time the lip grew more. You cannot even imagine a pout like this.
So..I have to find snow and take him to it, for surely it won't come to us twice in one year. Surely?


Mom Chatter said...

Aww... poor little guy. If I could, I'd send you the small mound we still have in our yard. I will send good snow vibes your way... MAYBE snow will come again this year!! :)

Oh, I couldn't help but wonder how Z did with all the "bachelor pad" things?! My son would've been in all the things you listed... in fact, he kicked over a jug of used motor oil someone stupidly left on a curb today... ARGH!!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Oh, POOR Z!! That's tragic. I know how important the idea of snow is to little ones. Mine discovered last year that snow was "cold." And, then wanted nothing to do with it.

Dana said...

Poor Guy! I feel so sorry for him!

That is an awesome picture of your "snow angel", btw.

Bren said...

Seriously? It snowed there? Cool! Sorry Super Z missed it!

Bilbo said...

My brother in Florida is ready to buy airline tickets and fly his kids up as soon as we have a decent snow here in Northern Virginia. So far, it's been the usual mix of half-hearted snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain, all changing back and forth every few minutes. Good luck with your snow...I feel bad for the poor kids, because there's nothing like a good snow when you're young enough to enjoy it.

Huckdoll said...

"You cannot even imagine a pout like this."

Awwwww! Jeez...come to Vancouver girl...Whistler. Do it.