Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Want

I am not usually a person who wants a lot of THINGS. Most of the items in my house are actually things that family members have passed on to me. EVERY SINGLE couch that I have ever had, belonged to my mom before it belonged to me.
The main reason for that is that I am cheap. I hate spending money. The second reason is that traditionally I am very easy to please. As long as we are comfortable and happy, I don't generally stress about the details.
These days..things are a changing. I have been wanting STUFF like crazy. I have been drooling over a black leather couch..ooh and browsing the web for a bigger nicer place to rent. I have been saving up for shopping trips for new clothes...for ME!! This is insanity. I am not sure what caused it and I am equally unsure of how to stop it. I am not sure I can deal with a Serina that likes to spend money. This could be disastrous. Next thing you know Randy will start thinking that he can want stuff. Then all hell will break loose.
I have to stop this NOW. But, Oh MAN...I WANT that couch...and that house..and that rug.


Amanda said...

I get like that sometimes. But usually, when I go out with the intention of obtaining all the things I want, my cheap-self kicks in and I go home empty handed. Of course, I feel lousy at that but after a few days...I usually see the upside and think about the money I've saved for and even BIGGER shopping trip next time. Then the cycle starts again. Sometimes...I do end up doing the spending and then feeling guilty about it.

Dana said...

My husband is currently going through this same phase. Hang in there!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

It's okay. The economy is in a tailsping. SAVE the economy S! It's your American duty.

lisa's chaos said...

Uhoh, I have those spells too. Usually when I;m feeling a little down or a little restless.

Pamela said...

and once that little monster is out of the "cheap" bag, it gobbles up everything in it's sight. bwaaha.

I go through my moments of wanting to shop. It doesn't last long. Maybe you'll get through quickly.

Sleeping Beauty said...

I want a new house soooo bad I am freaking out about it. I am going crazy. I want I want I want! I feel your PAIN. LOLOLOLOLOLOL :)