Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We love homework (well, some of us do)

Super Z is struggling a bit with school. Apparently he wants to talk instead of listen (surprise surprise.) He also does not want to finish his classwork in a timely manner. These new school struggles are forcing me to break out parenting tricks that I didn't even know I had...do I have them?

The not wanting to do work comes home with him as well.

"Homework is what I hate. Please, Mom, please," was his plea yesterday as he wrote the letter Ff over and over.

He does the work, but with no small amount of huffing, stalling, puffing, and complaining.

I have decided to try a reward board. I have to figure out how to make one and exactly how it will work, but I am pretty sure that rewards and praise are the key to getting this boy to learn. I hope...

Now, Princess H on the other hand. She loves homework.

"Homework pease. Write my name"

Let's hope that this love of learning sticks around.


zero_zero_one said...

I think a reward board might be the way to do it, I've seen my sister's friends use them to some good effect and also my younger sis use it to encourage a kid she was tutoring violin.

Becky said...

Ethan isn't real keen on the homework. There are sighs. And I don't like homework comments. We do ok. He has sight words he has to do, and we've included that in his chore chart. Sometimes sight words are what he complains about most. We just started that yesterday sooooo we'll see how that goes. We have teacher conferences Monday so we will see how his classroom behavior is.