Monday, September 8, 2008

Things I Loved About Our Weekend at the Lake

1) Hanging with this bunch (and the grownups too) is always a lot of fun, but at the lake it is even better because there is plenty to keep these babies (big an small)entertained.
2) Swimming with the Princess was wonderful. She is a water baby at heart. This girl has no fear at all. She bellows, "Mama!!!" at Wild Indian pitch and nose dives into the water. Thank God for life jackets.
3) Zane was in Heaven. Taylor + Dirt + Water + a cooler full of Kool Aid drinks + a room full of bunk beds + a boat + a tube + Sissy + Music and dancing = Heaven.

4) Although I am not a boater it was awesome seeing the big kids (and Randy) brave the tubes and the knee boards behind the boats. Who knows? Maybe next summer ( a few pounds from now) I will try it myself.
5) The House has a 2000 square foot screened porch with a grill. Good food, good views, nice breezes, and shade. I, of course, read and relaxed and had at least 40 zen moments on the porch.

6) Off of the porch there were steps leading down to the pier. The kids and I practically lived in the lake. We only settled for the pool when it was too late (or we were too tired...we being me) to make it down to the lake. Oh yeah! And there was a water slide off of the pier into the lake.

7) Mimi also came and spent the day with us. My Mom, my sister, my niece, and my baby girl are four of my favorite girls in the world. ANY time with them is great, but the lake time was especially nice.
8) H and I ate tons of fresh fruit in our time on the porch. There were good groceries (and wine) in abundance. Fried fish, grilled steaks, grilled burgers, fresh plums, nectarines, Honey Smacks, Doritos and French onion dip...The list goes on and on. My sister is a hell of a cook and a grocery shopper. I didn't lose much weight that weekend. :)
9) The house had music piped onto the porch and out onto the pier. There was plenty of music and a little bit of dancing (again, there was plenty of beer and wine). Here are Mom and Tim cutting a rug to Strokin'.
10) It was all great. The best part was just chilling with my sister and her bunch. I love them. I love her. She is my favorite.
( Oh and did I mention that Randy was there too? And the children went to bed by 10 every night...and we didn't? It was very very nice.)

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