Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Boss

Princess H is growing up so fast. My baby is disappearing and this bossy little girl is taking her place.

One of her favorite things to say is, "I the Henna, I the boss."

She is definitely the boss of her Daddy. What the Princess wants, the Princess gets. I think that it is impossible for Randy to tell her no. When he tries to tell her no, he just ends up saying nothing and looking on helplessly as she does what she wants. What can I say? Randy has always been helpless under the influence of pretty girls.

She tries to be the boss of her brother. This doesn't go over too well. Unlike his Dad, the Z is immune to the charms of the Princess. I will usually hear "You are not the boss, little girl." at least once for every time that I hear, "I the Henna, I the boss." Ah the bickering, the fighting, the screeches, the "Don't touch me!!"s from the back seat. The joy of two children.

There is only one person who can successfully put the Princess in her place though, the real boss...the Mommy. The Mommy is a champion at saying, "No." Now if only she can learn to not want to pull her hair out two minutes into a Princess Tantrum (the typical response to a boss smack down) the Mommy will be thrilled. :)


John said...

A while back I was waiting in line at a restaurant. Behind me was a dad with a boy (about 6) and a girl (about 4). The boy was aggravating the little girl and the dad was telling him to leave her alone. I laughed and told him that mine were 19 and 16 and still doing the same thing! Good luck.

By the way, now when I tell them that's enough, I always add that Hannah can hit Aaron one more time. We all know who starts it. It's only fair. She's quick, too. Usually hits him before the words are all the way out of my mouth.

Pamela said...

she sure looks like you!

Becky said...

I'm glad your blog is back. Sunshine has returned to my mornings.

I think your baby girl maybe got all of that bossiness natural. Pretty sure that runs in the family over there. :) Just wait til she's a teenager. I'm glad God just gave me the boys cause I'm thinking I would crack under the pressure.

Amanda said...

I think the Mommy is always the boss in every house. Hopefully, I'll be able to maintain that position without becoming the hated one as well.