Sunday, January 11, 2009

2008 Out

We are all alive and well. We finished out 2008 with our usual end of the year flurry. Super Z turned 6. Santa came. We visited many many friends and relatives. We drove a lot of miles. We got good presents. We gave presents that made people smile. I got a Nintendo DS! We hugged a lot of people. Princess H showed me why she still sleeps in her crib. We had a fire. We shot fireworks. We played Dirty Santa 3 or 4 times. Super Z learned how to walk on Heely's. Tyler came for a week. He got us up to date on what is and is not cool (as only a 14 year old can). We went to the movies. We managed to have 6 minutes alone. It was busy and perfect. I hope that everyone's holidays were as great, if not as busy.
I have a lot of photo posts to do to get up to date. So at least for the next couple of days, I'll be a regular in these parts. Have a great day.

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