Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thursday 13

13 Things that you might not know about my life because I have never blogged about them
  1. I have an Ipod shuffle. Not only that, but I buy all of the songs that Micheal Johns on American Idol does. Because I love him and would like to spend time alone with him with minimal clothing. :) Just kidding, hon. ...maybe.
  2. I hate raw onions. It is the texture. They have the texture of alien eggs. Gag.
  3. I sit on my feet a lot. I am not a small girl, so I am sure that this is not comfortable for my feet.
  4. Zane has had his first Tee ball game. He is doing awesome. He is hitting the coach's pitches so he doesn't have to use the Tee.
  5. My Mom and sister say that I never call them. They like to talk on the phone and I never have time.
  6. Randy traded in his truck for a mini van a few weeks ago. We got a DVD player for the kids put in. Travel has become much less stressful.
  7. I got a splinter in my foot Monday. I pulled it out, but it left behind shrapnel. As of today there are still pieces in there. I am thinking of leaving them. I am a big baby.
  8. I have officially stated Weight Watchers. I was following the diet before, but NOW I am going to meetings to. My second meeting (public flogging) is tomorrow. I am hoping for big results.
  9. I absolutely abhor talk about the end of the world, nuclear war, so forth and so on. I know that these thing may (will) happen some day. But WHY do we have to talk about it? Why do we have to watch The Day After eighteen times...Randy? I may have Armegeddonaphobia.
  10. I like green apples, but not red ones.
  11. My car desperately needs new tires. I also need a tag. Mine has been expired for..ever? I can't even tell you why. I am living on the edge I guess. Walking on the wild side. Or wait..Randy hasn't gotten me one since we realized it was expired..that is right.
  12. Super Z and Princess H are currently OBSESSED with Alvin and the Chipmunks. The tell me daily that pants are essential. Why? Because they are all about repeating obscure lines from movies.
  13. I am appalled by the thought of sleeping on or even touching a mattress without a sheet. I accused Randy of child abuse when I found out that he made Super Z nap on a sheetless bed one day. I have baremattressaphobia as well.

That is pretty boring stuff, but I don't think that i have mentioned any of it here. I hope that everyone feels enlightened by these new discoveries. Have a great Thursday!


It's All Good! said...

hmmm never had 'alien eggs'! Great post!
Brenda :)

Adelle said...

Good luck with Weight Watchers. Great list. Happy T13!

Amanda said...

I'm completely in agreement on #9. Any talk about the end of the world gives me nightmares. I hated finding out about Nostradamus. I hate 'The Day After'. Thats a lot of hating but its really because it scares me to death.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

What I want to know is how do you know what the texture of alien eggs is like! I think we need to be told!

Pamela said...

alien egg? How do you know this. (I think I hear the theme music from twilight zone OH!)

Get your updated tags, much cheaper than a citation.

Bilbo said...

I'm with you on #13 - I have to have sheets or I can't sleep. Agnes and I end up with inpossibly tangled bedclothes because she can't sleep on or under sheets, and pushes them all to my side of the bed, while she pulls the whole comforter over to her side. If we start feeling passionate, it takes forever to get everything untangled so we can, you know, ...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You'll have to sleep on a bare mattress to allieviate your phobia.

Anonymous said...

Way to go with the WW! And, I, thank God, have not had to do Alvin yet. We're in the midst of Madagascar.