Monday, April 7, 2008

Day 1

Today was the first day of the new life. It doesn't really count though, because I took the day off. Super Z had a field trip to the zoo today. The first ripple of life without the ever present Dad was felt.
I didn't mind in the least. I will take the zoo and sunshine over the office any day of the week. It was a great field trip, but guess what? I ran off without my camera!! Gah!
After the zoo, the errand running began. First we hit McDonald's for a little lunch and play. Then we had to register for Kindergarten and get black baseball pants. His first game is tomorrow night. Woot. After the umpteenth (second) errand, Princess H announced "I'm sleepy."
Knowing which side my bread is buttered on and when to say when we called it a day, and thus avoided running headlong into the screecher that the Princess can sometimes become.
It was a great day. I even had supper ready and the house (mostly) clean when my hard working (training) husband got home.
I will never ceased to be amazed by how much work a day off can be. I hope you all had a great Monday!


JUST A MOM said...

how exciting AND SCARRY I am sure she would have tried the big screem match with a new daytime parent too. soooo does the little critter come to my house in the morning????? oh wait yeah I live too far away.

Amanda said...

Sounds like a hectic but fun and fulfilling day.

Anonymous said...

How did day two go?? Details?