Sunday, July 29, 2007


Today I only left the house once. I went to Wal-Mart to buy groceries. Nothing really exciting happened there. I bought chocolate milk ( among many other things) and my kids all thought I was the greatest mom ever.
Today Randy was feeling kinda down and out. When he doesn't feel good you better get out of the way. He turns into a nasty whiny bitch. He is the worst sick person ever. I am glad he is feeling better though cause I have to say, him sick = me irritated. I know, I should have become a nurse like my daddy and sister, huh?
Today I started reading Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows for the second time. I think I might have missed some things because i read it so fast the first time. And really I will say it again, it rocks.
Today I made stuffed mushrooms. I got the idea from my mom and sister. They have been making them a good bit lately. No, mine were not as good as theirs. yes, there were okay.
Today Princess H took a permanent marker and wrote on her arm. It looked like she was trying to duplicate a tattoo that her Dad has. I was a bit worried that it would be hard to get off, but I got most of it ( there is still a trace :() ) with no trouble.
Today Super Z washed dishes. It was so cute he pulled his chair up to the sink and he washed his little heart out. Sure, there was water everywhere. Sure, I had to rewash them all. But I am proud that he wants to help.
Today I decided to get down on the floor more often to play with the kids. It is great fun. It is one of the things that I am ashamed to say I haven't made time to do lately.
Today I hugged four people.
Today I read a blog by a woman who has very similar interests to mine. She is doing a blogathon. If I had readers I would give her information so that you could go donate. Unfortunately, I am not yet cool enough for readers.
Today I slept late.
Today I took a long bath.
Today was a pretty good day ( yes, it helps that Randy got to feeling better by this evening )

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