Monday, July 30, 2007

So Whooped

I worked 14 hours straight today. Vacation is officially over. Yet another example of how there can be no light without darkness...
So here is the bad part, from 5:30 to 10:30 I was doing work that wasn't processing. Unfortunately I didn't realize that until 10:30. Best case scenario: tech guy can push a button and everything slides through. Worse case scenario: I have to reverse each item, reverse the split ( this means nothing to you fearless reader), redo the split ( again nothing), and redo each of the 34 items. All told that would be at least another 5 hours of work. And please note that it will only be 5 hours if I have the same 5 people helping me with the project that I did today. Lord, I could cry. Let's pray for scenario 1.
So I am tired, and slightly worried.
Princess H was already asleep when I got home, but Super Z would not go down without a goodnight. So I got to hold him a bit and tell him that I will be home tomorrow when there is still light outside. I can't wait till then.

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