Monday, December 21, 2009

His Favorite Girl In The World

Last week, I was doing a little last minute Christmas shopping when Super Z asked if he could buy my 13 year old niece, Brittany, a gift. I told him that we had already bought Britt's gift. She was marked off the list.


Zane looked at me with wide green eyes (a little puppy dog creeping into them), and said, "Please, Mom. I didn't get her anything. Please let me get her something."

Me, being the brick wall that I am, I relented instantly. He picked out a really cool peace sign ring. It was $10. It worked out pretty well for Super Z, Britt, and, my wallet.

When we got home and he was helping me wrap the ring he said, " Mom, do you know why I had to get that for Britt?"

I said, " Because you love her?"

And he responded, "No, because she is my favorite girl in the world. I have to treat her really good."

How sweet is my baby?