Saturday, December 19, 2009


Last month Princess H told me that she wanted Santa Claus to bring her an elevator. I told her that we can't always get what we want from Santa. ( An elevator??? Really?? The first thing my daughter ever asks for by name and it's an elevator???) I also suggested that she might want to think of a few other things that she might want. She hung her head and left me standing in the kitchen. Her dreams of elevators were dashed. I could only hope that she would come up with something else.

A few days later we were watching SpongeBob when a commercial came on for the Barbie Dream Townhouse with ELEVATOR! The princess jumped up squealing and pointing.

"Mom! My elevator! I want it! I want it! Please make Santa bring me my elevator!!!"

So, the elevator is attached to a Barbie Dreamhouse. Who would have known?

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