Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am Crazy Mean

Super Z has decided that I am crazy mean. He has now described me that way 3 times! This usually is accompanied by him lamenting on how EVERYONE in the world is mean to him. Most grown ups hold him to some standard of behavior. His sister and other children expect him to share and act like a human. Oh cruel world!
He is not actually all that bad. But when he gets in these moods...WOW. I am talking about some serious whiney hiney baby drama. And I know exactly where the drama jeans come from. They come straight from his dad. Don't let the calm exterior fool you. My husband is the most dramatic emotional person on the planet. I have decided that most men are like that. At least on some level.
I figured out quick when I taught second grade (way back in my former life) that the boys were the sensitive ones. Girls are tough. Most, like Princess H, really don't give a crap what you think of them. That seems to be something that comes into girls later in life...Maybe because we are taught that we are supposed to care? I don't know, but the princess has convinced me that girls all start out the same way, crazy mean. Let's just hope that time turns us all back into crazy mean little girls who wear what they want and aren't afraid to stand up in a buggy in the middle of the grocery store and sing at the top of our lungs. Man, those crazy mean girls know how to live.
As far as the boys, we aren't really mean. We will always be here to comfort them. Even when they think we are the meanest mom in the world.

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