Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Almost Perfect Saturday

Today was almost perfect. It might have been perfect except for the fact that I didn't get to see all of the people that I love and I had to go to a party with some people I don't know. But other than that, it was just one of those great wonderful days. Here are some of the things that helped to make it great.

  1. It was perfect weather. Sunny and 70. PERFECT.
  2. No child woke up before 9:30 this morning.
  3. My sheets and the air were perfect sleeping temperature.
  4. I woke up beside the man that I love more than any other.
  5. My kids were in good moods and laughed a lot while they ate their breakfast.
  6. I had lunch with Super Z outside at Newks.
  7. He told me that I was the best mom in the world.
  8. We talked about school and friends and shared a salad and his cheese pizza.
  9. Randy and I cleaned out cars. (It doesn't sound great, but it was nice. AND my car looks new!!)
  10. I love my house.
  11. I love my yard.
  12. I love my family.
  13. I didn't have to rive more than 5 miles away from my house all day.
  14. I bought the kids a goody just because I wanted to.
  15. Randy grilled me an almost perfect steak for supper.
  16. I sat on the porch and threw the ball with Super Z while he grilled.
  17. Princess H took a nap and woke up happy and refreshed.
  18. The princess laughed and held my hand while we ate dinner.
  19. She gave me her pretty crooked special love smile.
  20. I didn't worry about anything all day long. I just enjoyed every single minute.


John said...

sounds like a grand day!

Bilbo said...

Now THAT'S my kind of deserve one every once in a while!