Friday, May 2, 2008

Heard Around The House

Princess H referring to a new tank top - "Ooh, I wear my swim shirt."

Super Z after sitting through a whole chapter of his first chapter book (Mom is reading) - "Okay, now start over. I want to watch that part again."

Randy calling from work most days of the week - "I am going to quit." (I think it is just the stress talking.)

Everyone who has seen my new furniture - "Wow! I love it!"

Randy and myself as Dirty Hands McCoy AKA Princess H runs towards the couch after eating - "No! Don't touch it!!"

Super Z (to anyone who will listen) - "I am number 7 when I play baseball. They call it Tee ball, but its not. I don't need a tee."

Super Z at 7 AM this morning - "Mom! I hear the bus! I need to get on it and go to big school. I am done with fake school now." (He doesn't even want summer, just big school :)

Princess H - "I want candy. I want a Popsicle. I want a cup. I want a story. I want candy."

Me to Princess H - " DO NOT hold the dog by the neck."

Randy - " I have been moving since 3 AM, just let me stop for a minute."


Pamela said...

that makes me lonely for the long ago days when my kids were small -- and so full of the zest to grow and learn.

Blue Momma said...

How exciting that Z is so excited about "real school". Punkin DOES NOT want to go and reminds me every time we drive past the "real school"

I hope yall are settling into your new routing well. I know it must be a big adjustment. But hey, with all of that extra income you have now you can make a road trip to Birmingham.....

JUST A MOM said...

can I take a nap now he needs a new job. OR some you know whats to tell them people to chill... have a great weekend

Bilbo said...

"DO NOT hold the dog by the neck!" Ha, ha! We have a great picture taken by our son in law of little Leya tugging with both hands on the eight-foot tongue of their long-suffering Chocolate Lab. The dog has this great "huh??" look on her face...

Amanda said...

They sound sooooo cute!

I just love listening to the things that little kids say. Aaron has been providing a lot of entertainment lately but nothing as funny as whats heard around your house yet!