Sunday, March 30, 2008

Problem of the Week (or weak)

Ha. No, I did not get a new car. My Step Dad got that car. I was just showing it to him so that he would come and get it. He had been looking for one for a while.

I didn't intend to take a whole week off last week it just kind of happened. My sister asked me if I had blog block. Maybe so. I am not sure. All I know is that I am back. I had my most faithful reader thinking that she was having computer issues. We can't have that can we?

So here is my problem of the week:

Princess H

The terrible twos have hit and they have hit hard. My sweet lovely daughter can turn into a screaming hyena at the drop of a hat. She will literally scream at the top of her lungs if the world starts going any way but the way that she thinks that it should go. In Walmart today I listened to glass screeching screams for at least 10 minutes because she wanted to walk instead of ride in the buggy.
Her Daddy finally showed up and whisked her out of the store for a time out. Thank God that he showed up when he did. The old nerves of steel have a breaking point...and she almost found it.
This seems to be happening more frequently here of late. Super Z never had this particular issue. I mean sure he had terrible twos..but screaming was not a part of that. Biting occasionally..sure. Busting the eardrums of innocent shoppers...not so much.
So has anyone else dealt with screamers? Any sage wisdom to help us though this most trying time? Or should I just take Super Z's advice that he gave as we listened to her screams move towards the exit for a time out, " She is really bad, huh Mom? It is time to trade her in, I think. Do you think we can trade her to Lee Lee for Britt?"


Blue Momma said...

Welcome back! We all need a bit of a blog break from time to time. I've still been around, just developed a bad case of hardly commenting.

Punkin is a screamer. We didn't have the problem in the two's so much, but the three's have been interesting, to say the least. Just the past month he has started with tantrums. So. Much. Fun.

How about we do a kid swap for a week or two?

JUST A MOM said...


ok better,,,thenks,,,,, now we need to use our words when we want something,,,,,,,if we screem instead we get NOTHING I HAVE TO SAY I love 2's

basket screems do not get to walk outside of the cart,,, next time when your done use your words and ask,,,,now when you ask hen we can TRY outside hte basket,, here are the rules,, YOU HAVE TO HANG ON ,,, YOU CAN NOT RUN AWAY,,, YOU CAN NOT GRAB STUFF OFF THE SHELVES... YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO MOMMY

IF you break the rules then you have to get back IN the basket and IF you screem then you will have ot leave the store!

I LOVE 2's just love them...

glad your back I missed ya....

Amanda said...

I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you!!

You've got me a little worried about Aaron turning two now. He's had a couple of instances of screaming but nothing too bad yet......I guess he's got another 6 months until he's 2 so who knows what will develop.

Anonymous said...

We've noticed similar behavior, and we have had lots more spankings lately. LOTS more. For screaming we tell put him in time out.