Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Monday

Sayre is hosting fun Monday this week. She has a great topic.

I want to know your car history. What was your first car? Which was your favorite car? And what are you driving now - and why?

My very first car was a 1978 Firebird that my parents bought brand new when I was two years old. I remember being mortified by that car when I was 16. It was very LOUD and not me at all. I should have been grateful that I had a car at all...but I wasn't. The sad part is that even though I only had to drive the car for a year, it is determined to be a part of my life forever. When I started dating my husband way back in 1998 he bought the Firebird from my mom. Apparently he liked it a lot more than I did. I am not complaining too much because he did use that car to come see me almost every weekend when I was still in college. And guess what is still sitting under my carport now 12 years later. That is right. The busted ass 1978 Firebird that my parents bought new when I was two years old. My husband is determined to fix it up. I am afraid that this car may be in my life until I die.

My favorite car was my 1999 Honda Accord. I got the Accord about two days before I found out that I was pregnant with Super Z. At the time it was the newest nicest car that I had ever owned. I loved driving the Accord. AND it was built to last. Last I heard the car has 243,000 miles and it and is still running great. I had to get rid of it last year after Randy rear ended someone and we only had liability insurance. I pretty much gave it to my brother n law, who has fixed it up and continues to drive the wheels off of it like I did for six years. (We love to keep cars in the family apparently.)

My current car is a 2005 Ford 500. I like it well enough. It is nice. It has heated leather seats. It makes me feel like a grown up and also has room in the backseat for all three kids to be comfortable. It will do. I don't think that it is the car I would have picked if I had had days and days to ponder the decision, however. I bought the 500 the day after my Mamaw died last December. We were coming home on a Sunday from Louisiana when our van broke down. This was only a few weeks after Randy has wrecked the Accord. We were on the side of the road when my sister called to tell me that my Mamaw had died. We had to get a car. There was no time to waste. We borrowed my sister's car to get back home and spent the next day looking for a car so we could get back down south for the funeral and family time. I was so sad. The last thing in the world I wanted to be doing was looking for a car. When 4 o'clock came that day, the 500 was the best thing I'd seen. Sooo....I have a Ford 500. I guess that is okay. I am sure it will be in the family for a LONG LONG time, so I guess it better be okay.


Sayre said...

We tend to keep cars in the family too. I have five brothers, and once my dad was ready for a new truck, the old one went to a kid - then was driven to death. Little Blue was one of those. When my dad was done, he gave it to my brother Matt. WHen Matt got married, Little Blue went back to my dad, who then gave it to us. We drove it until it literally fell apart.

I'm sorry for the circumstances of your Ford 500, but I hear they're pretty good cars.

Becky said...

I liked the blue one (cougar?) the best. That's the one we had the most road trips in....although you did have to add a lot of fluids to it all the time. :)

Pamela said...

I wanted to see a photo of that busted ass firebird. ha ha. wonderful description

Anonymous said...

You have a way with words that is amazing....keep it coming.....I love it!

Serina Hope said...

I will get a picture for you will see that I am dead on.