Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interview Part 5

21. How do you define "indulgence" (or, basically, what do you do for yourself, for others, etc. that qualifies as an indulgence)

I am not big on indulgences. I think of my Weight Watchers as spoiling myself. It is basically the only thing that I do that is spending money on myself. I also just bought a Wii Fit for Randy and I for Christmas, but that is along the same vein. I have worked out an hour a day for the last three days. I really want to finish my weight loss journey. If that calls for a few indulgences so be it.

I indulge Randy and the kids occasionally by doing something special with or for them just to make them happy. It is never anything big, but I love to see them happy.

22. What traits do you believe you get from your mother? Your father? (these can be physical and personality-based)

I have my Daddy's nose and my Mom's great love of family. I have my Mom's face shape and my Dad's practical yet stubborn personality. I have my Dad's feet (seriously, they look just like his only bigger) and my Mom's passion.

23. Where do you see yourself when you're 70 years old?

With Randy. Hopefully we will have a few grand kids. We will probably travel some and spend vacations with friends and family. Most of the time I imagine that we will be at home. Enjoying each other.

24. What is your greatest achievement in life so far?

I am very proud of my personal relationships. I love all of my people so much. I think that they are the best investment that I have ever made...all of them.

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