Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Princess H is 3!!

It is hard to believe, but Princess H turns three today. I am not sure where the last three years went. She is now older than Super Z was when she was born!

My baby has changed a lot in the past year. She is as fearless and beautiful as ever, but now she is also sneaky and smart. I am not sure if this is an upgrade that I am ready for. The Princess is not nearly as reasonable as her older counterpart :) She seems to think that if she wants it bad enough (screams, cries, hissy fits loud and long enough) that she will get it.

I love the optimism, not so much the noise :) Do you think that year three will issue in a period of calm or are there more storms in the future? Either way, the Princes is awesome. I have loved every minute of my three years as her Mommy, damaged eardrums and all.

PS - There will be no party pics until November as we are delaying the party. All in good time :)


Becky said...

Tell her we said Happy Birthday. I can't believe she's three. I just don't know where all of it goes - the time.

Bilbo said...

Happy birthday from your virtual uncle!