Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Popsicles!!

I remember two things that my Mom said daily when we were out of school for the summer.

Number 1 was "Close the door, I am not air conditioning the whole neighborhood." Number 2 was "Why oh why do I have to make Koolaid for the whole neighborhood?" She actually said both of these things several times a day. She probably dreamed these statements she said them so much.

I now understand the aggravation of Number 1. I say, "Close the door." at least 600 times a day when I am not at work and 200 times a day on work days. I cannot seem to cool my house for cooling the neighborhood. Alas, the neighborhood doesn't seem much cooler for all of my effort.

As far as Number 2, I now know the answer. She had to make Kool aid for the whole neighborhood, because it made me happy to be able to give it away. It made me feel special that my house was the Kool Aid house. If anyone was thirsty, I could help. Random kids walking by would be offered a drink just for looking thirsty. There was no end to my generosity. Come one, come all, try MY MAMA'S wonderful Kool Aid. Why did she have such a problem with my generous nature?

Um, probably because she was the generous one. The one paying for and making all of the Kool Aid. I was just the giver, a burden on her resources.

I have my own giver now. Super Z, the giver of Popsicles. We can go through a box of Popsicles in one day. They are offered to every child who walks by. Children that come over to play get two or three at a time. Two out of every three times that I walk into the kitchen he is standing on a chair with his head stuck in the freezer. He is not picky either, any Popsicle will do: Ice Pops, sugar free Popsicles, dreamcicles, MY Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bars!!!!

Why oh why do I have to be the Popsicle mom?

Today took the cake. He had gone three houses down to play with a friend. The next thing I know he is chest deep in my freezer.

"What are you doing, Z?"

An eye appears from the depths of the ice box. "Getting my friend a Popsicle," he says matter of factly.

"You came all the way here to get him a Popsicle to take back to his house??"

"Yeah, he looked hot."

What the crap? What do you say to that? Grrr, stop giving away our food. When you are playing at his house eat HIS Popsicles.. Yeah maybe. I just told him to stay home and enjoy his Popsicle with his sister. At least we can try to keep the Popsicles in the family.

So, how do I slow the beast that is a giver?


Bilbo said...

Too bad I live so far away...I could use a popsicle right now...

Amanda said...

I like popsicles too!

Its so good to read you again. I hope things are settling down for you and we get more of your words.

Becky said...

I'm depressed. I thought for sure if I read that post that I would be able to get a free popsicle out of it. Now, I find out, I have to drive to your house and ask Super Z for one.

Bilbo said...

I was just thinking of what my mother used to say when we left the door open: "Close that door! You'll let all our flies out!"